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Wednesday, April 14, 2021
The Taurus moon forms a gentle aspect with Neptune this morning, which is likely to create extremely vivid dreams for those who are asleep at this time. This energy lingers as we stir from our beds, creating a romantic and dreamy yet grounded atmosphere.

Venus also makes her way into Taurus, marking the beginning of a romantic and sensual cosmic period. If you can swing it, take things slowly this morning and allow yourself to be present and appreciate your surroundings.

Unexpected expenses could pop up later, and a difficult aspect between the moon and Jupiter could have you spending more than you'd like. Luckily, a supportive aspect to Pluto this evening can help you step into your personal power. If you're in a position to negotiate or haggle, things should turn out in your favor.

Trauma from the past could bubble up to the surface of your psyche, but if you remember to congratulate yourself on the hardships you've overcome, this energy can be quite healing. The vibes right now can also help facilitate the release of any energy that's no longer serving your best interests, so don't shy away from letting go of memories, people, or situations that aren't contributing to your higher path.

On a more superficial level, the cosmic climate is great for purging your space of any unnecessary items. Take some time to clean out your closets, and remember that anything you get rid of today will only make space for new things to come in tomorrow!' 
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