Raise a Toast to Alcohol Awareness
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April marks Alcohol Awareness Month. It's a great opportunity to discuss the topic of alcohol abuse and its consequences with your children. Unfortunately, a child's first exposure to alcohol - and alcohol abuse - can be at home. As a parent,... Read More
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Postpone Procrastination Indefinitely
We've all done it at some time or other. We put off our exercise routine until tomorrow; we continually delay finishing that project or starting that business. Procrastination is the mother of all...
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Poisonings In Children - Which Household Products Are Hazardous?
As parents, we do our best to keep our children healthy and safe. We buckle up their seatbelts, tell them to wash their hands before dinner, and to eat their fruits and vegetables. Yet, childhood...
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Product Review: Pack and Plays
When new moms-to-be are filling out their baby registry or shopping for everyday infant must-haves, they often overlook a very important item: the portable playpen. It's hard to look at a helpless,...
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